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Hungaroring & improvised photo-shooting with the girls

Another racing weekend is behind me. If you remember my post from last week, I went to Hungaroring. ✊ This lovely track is kind of my least favourite. I guess starting my racing life on Grobnik made me used to fast corners and fluid racing lines, meaning narrow track with tight corners like Hungaro isn’t my cup of tea. But it gave me what I wanted – to practice slow corners and leaning at slow(er) speeds.

Funny thing (or sad, I don’t even know what to think any more) – by the lunch time on the first day not many rounds actually finished as they supposed to… Majority of them ended with red flags. ? Why? People were crashing like there were some sort of spell cast over the track. One of the crashes happened right in front of me, when a guy hit his break so hard that it flipped him over his front wheel (stoppie), making him and the bike spin in all directions all over the track. It definitely got me frightened. ? During lunch break the organizer called another briefing, this was regarding safety… I’ve never seen that before, but I guess it really helped, since the day continued a lot safely and with a lot less crashes. ?

The most exciting thing that happened this weekend: I finally met again my friends from Poland: Gabsia7 and Lejdi Kuki – Girl on Bike. ? I was so excited to race with them again after such a long time. Well the photo-shooting was also very fun. ? In gallery you can find some photos that won’t get selected to display in some “serious” photo gallery, but are more or less here for fun. Girls, it was amazing to meet you again and if not before, we’ll see each other in Brno. I can’t wait!! ????

btw: my next track day will be this Saturday, on Grobnik. See you there! ?

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