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About me

Some facts, some words, some nonsense and a lot of passion

My favourite

Road Racing

This one is my favourite … <3 I don’t know why and I certainly wouldn’t expect myself to become so in love with it. When I started to ride I completely disliked sportbikes. I loved the terrain and dirt. But somehow road racing found its way to my heart and stayed there.

I also very much love ...

Other motorsport disciplines


Off-Road / Enduro

Soft or hard enduro - I love them both, because of all the possibilities both can offer.



I don't like jumping, but riding in circles on asphalt or dirt is the way to live your life.



It's the perfect combination of motocross and asphalt. I love it.



Kick the clutch and pull the handbrake. You gotta love it!

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My story:


Unexplained fascination enchanted me on winter 2014. I had to have a dirt bike. Had to! I managed to buy it next summer. Husky TE310. After a painful rocky start that ended with a shoulder injury, I hopped back on my beloved Husky and practiced. Since running away from cops with almost no experience was out of the question, I decided I need a driving licence and a licence plate. During the time I was getting my drivers license, I fell in love with the road. So Husky got a sister: Yamaha MT-07. It was an amazing bike for a beginner rider like me. During this time also Husky got an upgrade – supermoto wheels. So much fun!!!


At the beginning of 2016 a really big wish came to my mind – I just wanted to try to go to the real racetrack. Grobnik, to be exact. I had been there so many times, watching my friends drive cars there I really wanted to try. I knew the track. I gathered my courage and went there for the first time just before the summer. 🙂 But it didn’t stop there. I loved it! But my MT-07 wasn’t made to do that. So… Another one came to the fleet: Yamaha R6. <3 This one really spun my world round and round. That was it! Unfortunately MT-07 didn’t really fit what I was most passionate about anymore, so I sold it.

Check the video.


During the 2016/2017 winter I converted R6 to a fully functional race track bike. Well to be honest – I took off the road crap and put on the race fairings. To be honest, the season looked more like riding around in circles, making some progress regarding laptimes rather than real racing. But I did manage to make another big step – I participated in my first race and ended up “chasing” women’s championship held on Grobnik. I finished the year with the Queen of Grobnik title. Super proud of that one btw! I also had a not really nice experience: my first real crash. It happened in Brno. If I look back… It wasn’t much of a big deal really, but it got me scared of crashing again, knowing that it is a matter of when, not if.


Still struggling with the fear of crashing again, I was making slow but relatively steady progress. I finally got too fast for rookie races. I was super excited and happy to compete with fastest racers. No crashes this year, luckily! Btw: Husky was still in the picture, but the main toy was Sharky.


It started terribly. I crashed in the first round of the first track day of the season. Nice! I know what you think,I was lucky there wasn’t much damage and I was able to continue the day and not get blocked by the crash too much. In summer, it happened again. I had no idea what was the cause of it. I got a bit anxious about it, but very much determined that I will figure this racing thing out one day. I figured that cashing best lap times as an idiot doesn’t do much good when it comes to having fun and making actual progress in terms of understanding the bike, the track and overall the skill behind being fast. By the end of the season, I stopped looking at the clock and focus on the progress.


Season 2020 came and went like a hurricane. After a late start in April (yes, that’s late for us) it got going quite nicely and despite the situation in the world, I proudly crown it my most successful one in terms of having fun while making progress, being motivated and do my best. Focusing on gathering as much knowledge as possible and getting as much track time as I can get, got me far in terms of understanding the whole picture of being fast but in a safe way. Unfortunately the season got terminated earlier than expected, leaving me with a pile of things I need to practice next season. I am super excited to see what the future brings. I have some big dreams that haunt me and hopefully I will be able to at least give them a decent “Let’s try if that’s possible”.

Wish me luck!

Check this:

Quotes that I really love

You couldn't handle me even if I came with instructions.

There’s a 100% chance I’ve called some of the nicest people horrible fucking things in traffic.

No airbag. We die like real men.

Don't fear dying. Fear not living.

Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul.

My job

I'm a designer

I am a freelance designer and developer. My main focus is the digital world – websites, mobile apps and games, but I am super excited to work on anything motorsport related (like the stuff you can find on the Shop page).

Got something in mind that we can work on together? Do not hesitate to contact me.

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