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Girl with too many motorsport related hobbies





Destroyed Tyres


The number of bikes you need: n+1

The number of bikes you need can be easily calculated with a formula n+1, where n represents the current number of motorcycles you own. I strongly believe that it is an idiocy to sell a motorcycle. So far I have bought 5 and sold 2. I still miss them after all this years… Do not make the same mistake!

My obsessions

Yes, I am a girl. And yes, I speak fluently racing 🙂

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This is how I prefer to break my bones:

Racetracks with Sharky

There’s nothing better than a good throttle twist, hard breaking and a maximum lean angle on a racetrack with Sharky. Pushing yourself to the limit has never felt so real and so close to what life has to offer. 100% concentration is the key but finding the right balance between it and overthinking the whole thing can separate you from what you are trying to achieve. Just don’t think on everything and yet have everything under control.

Supermoto & Motocross with Husky

Nothing can compare to the balance that variety of options can bring you in life. Sometimes we just cannot have everything, but we can come pretty close by accepting the compromises. Husky is an amphibia. A quick switch of wheels and we’re good to go to the supermoto track, motocross track or on the journey through the endless net of gravel roads.

(Hard / Soft) Enduro with Betka

A rookie needs all the help she can get when learning new skills. Height is a crucial obstacle. Since none of us poses only one pair of shoes, and have a good reason for it, I swear that there’s s good reason behind having 2 dirt bikes. Where Husky stops, Betka starts and thrives.

Drift with whatever I can get my hands on

Drift is my “the one that got away”. It has been following me for almost 10 years, sometimes being close to me and the other times moving further. Despite this, saying good bye to it isn’t something I am ready to do and I am so happy when I get the chance to do a few donuts here and there. Unfortunately after all this years I still cannot proudly say that I have achieved one of my biggest dreams: having a proper drift car, but someday, somehow I hopefully will.

Here are a few future dates:

27. april
( 1 day )



National Championship

18. – 19. june
( 2 days )

Slovakia Ring

2n’Race / GH Moto

National Championship

6. – 7. august
( 2 days )

Slovakia Ring

2n’Race / GH Moto

National Championship

3. – 4. september
( 2 days )

Brno Circuit
Czech republic

2n’Race / GH Moto

National Championship

7., 8., 9. october
( 3 days )



National Championship

Anything that gets your blood racing is probably worth doing.

Hunter S. Thompson

Ride it like you stole it!

The cop at your front door is never a stripper when you want him to be.

I'm an odd combination of ``really sweet`` and ``don't mess with me``.

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