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2020 season summary

Unfortunately it’s time for the last article of the 2020 season. I had some hope to go racing for the last time this year, but realistically speaking this couldn’t come true. ?

Despite challenging season for many people, I am one of those who’s season was the best one to date. ? Despite the nightmare that happen right before my eyes on Slovakia Ring I continued with the season. After a month and a half break I had to go back and after that I didn’t want to stop. It was tough for people around me to get me off track when the time to go home came. ? Very briefly, this happened:

  1. I didn’t crash this year! ? Not even once, I didn’t even tip over (yes, the bike is too high for me and I usually tip over for no good reason). I am being honest I came close quite close to it 2 times.
  2. The bike worked great. I had some technical difficulties on Grobnik, when rear shock absorber didn’t work right. ✊
  3. I made quite good progress this year and managed to beat my best lap time on Pannonia Ring by 7s, on Grobnik by 2s and on Brno 6s.

Miha, thank you for basically everything this year, specially the things that happened after you had that nasty crash and had to finish with your season. Thank you, Gašper Doles & Dolči Moto Racing Team, Bregar and everybody else who helped me on track days this year. Thank you, Andrej Pregrad for all last minute fixes and saves on my bikes. It means a world to me to have a reliable mechanic like you and that I can count on you. Thank you Ines Pezić for all the tips you gave me and for pushing my limits and not to mention the MotoSi articles you wrote. Thank you Žiga Pintarič and all of you who follow my laptimes on Speedhive.

See you next year! Until than some off-roading until snow and some drifting. Mechanics, brace yourselves.?

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