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Brno, finally Brno again <3

This was probably the best race in my life. Not from the results point of view, or maybe also in the results point of view … There were 42 of us in SSP race, I started the race from 39th place (despite setting my personal best time in qualifying). In my defence: there were really a lot of us, 2 or 3 times more than usual. ?

I made a good race start for a change. ? I pawed my way up in the first corner very successfully. First lap was quite wild. ? I gathered all the courage I could master and went to fight for my place. My line goes here, go around me! ? It was slightly easier in second lap and the overtaking begun.

I don’t think I ever overtook so many people. ? Not even when I started one of the past races from the pit-line. ? I felt great on the bike, I had fun which you could see in the result. And this is why I said that this was my best race ever. You know the feeling when everything goes the way it was supposed to. When you ride on your limit, but safely and without mistakes. Well because of the mini high-side I was thanking my guardian angels the next two corner, but after that full throttle ahead. ?

Rezultat: 6s boljši čas od lani in P39 -> P22 overall.

After the race I went back to the track and work on my techniques a little more, but after 18 o’clock they threw us off. ? I have a million things to practice and learn. But that’s great, I have another day tomorrow just for training. ??? Can’t wait!

Now it’s time for čevapčiči and rest. ❤️ Strategy for tomorrow: FULL THROTTLE. btw: I had to beg two guys to pose with me for a picture.

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