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Last ride of the season

Yesterday’s track day was probably the last one of the season. The cold started creeping in … I am not sure what good does this do every year. Summer should last the whole year.

However … I did 55 laps or 5 rounds and 2 races. I wasn’t even tired. Not really. I am super proud of that because Grobnik is one of those tracks that always chews me up and spits me out, like I never moved my butt from the couch in my life. Seriously – Slovakia Ring usually feels like a vacation compared to Grobnik. I guess I learned how to rest when riding. Finally!

After last catastrophe Grobnik, this one was a lot better. Technical difficulties on the rear shock absorber that forced me to retire from race the last time were fixed. I could focus on my riding and improvements. Every time I make an improvement, I find a few new things that I have to sort out or learn. This time I had to settle for -0.5s faster lap time than before and a few “aha” moments. Not bad … Oh and BTW: I received a trophy for “fastest lady of the day”. Thank you for noticing!

As always: thank you, my team, for the company, for the help and fun. I know, I am terrible when it comes to packing stuff and going home. But I just had to make the most of the day.

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