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Brno & Pannonia Ring after crash on Slovakia Ring

Track days after crash are usually quite tricky. The last time I was in Brno it was a bit “shaky” for me. In combination with some issues that I had, it wasn’t my best, unfortunately. ? As this Pannonia Ring. Somehow I decided and managed to ignore my fears of another crash. After you crash the second time in a season, you ponder and start to think is maybe you have to change a hobby. But no… Stubbornness and passion for racing puts you right back in the saddle and you continue with the chase for those few seconds per lap that you just have to beat. ?

First round was… CATASTROPHIC. ??? What happened with this track in a year and a half when I wasn’t here? Did they have a bulldozer competition or something? First I was sure that something is wrong with the suspension. Ride through start-finishing line could be compared with motocross and a few turns back you almost jump. What’s going on here? If I wasn’t riding on Brno just after my crash in Slovakia Ring, I would most definitely call my mechanic what did he do to my bike and specially to the suspension? This thing isn’t derivable. ? Unfortunately (or fortunately?) I quickly noticed that the bike is fine, and the track is the one to blame for all that “shaking”. I don’t remember the track being like that…Yes, it had a few bumps and scratches, that still remain where I remember them, but as destroyed start finishing line and some other sectors, I don’t recall. ?

Well… It is how it is. Because of those first shocks and some changes in the timeline I ended up in a slower group which basically ruined the rest of the day for me. Instead of practising later breaking and earlier acceleration and those tight corners that I am just not good at, I had to overtake people. A lot. A nightmare! ??? Until the end of the day I became very cranky because I didn’t do even a small step forward in my knowledge and skills.

It was a bit better the next day when another regrouping took place. Unfortunately I managed to get some decent laps only in the last round, just before the race. ? But on those I can build up my skills and knowledge. I hope I will be able to make the best of it tomorrow when I will be back on Pannonia Ring. Hopefully with a bit more luck with the shocks, technique and groups. ?

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