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Two trophies – Pannonia Ring race

Funny story – I got 2 trophies this weekend. ?? But I missed both trophy ceremonies. ? Well… I am sorry for that and I deeply apologise to Stardesign Racing. ?

First day: After the races I decided to finish the day and have a lunch. Minding my own business eating canned fish ? I heard my name. I was – how can this be? ? I was so slow… And finished about 14th… Oh, well… I drop the food and ran to the race office where trophy ceremony was. I was too late of course, but they were so nice to gather us together again for the photos. ?

Second day: you would probably think – she must have learnt the lesson after first day…. ? But the day ended at 17h, the last race finished at 16.20 and around that time the speakers said, that the trophy ceremony will be in about 20 minutes. So… I have time to go to the track for about 4 or 5 laps I thought. ?️ I really wanted to ride just one last time since this is probably last Pannonia this year. And when I came from the track the trophy ceremony already over… Again. ?

The thing is – I begun the race from 15th the first day and from 25th place the second day. I know – not my best qualifications. Both days I finished around 14th. But the race was then divided into 2 categories and as it turned out in Rookie race in 600 ccm category, I was 2nd and the next day 3rd. I guess there were a lot of 1000 ccm in front of me so I could get to the podium with 14th place… I know for next time. ?

Interesting – there were quite a few crashes during this two days. ? And a lot of rounds finished before their time. The ambulances were driving racers to the hospital like there was a schedule for it. I guess it was the cold that caused this. Luckily my number wasn’t up this time. I’m am grateful for that.

The GoPro of course didn’t work again for the race. I’m so mad, this is the first and last GoPro I have ever bought! ?

So… I can’t wait for the next track day. It depends on a weather but maybe in two weeks Pannonia? Otherwise Grobnik in the end of the month. And than I am done for this year. ?

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