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Rain race, win on a Speedladies Cup race and empty fuel tank

This win was … Calculated? Won on the last drops of fuel would be the right expression. If I yesterday managed to start the race on 13th place and finish it on 7th mainly because of the lack of courage German competitors possessed (they were seriously slow when it started to rain), I won this one solely because Shakry’s fuel consumption isn’t through the roof.

On first lap of the race Sharky light up the fuel light ? Am… That sucks … But this might happen sometimes if you let someone else prep your bike for the race. ?

Right away it was clear to me that I will have to retire from the race. I was disappointed as hell. We had a good rhythm, I felt great on the bike, but I knew I won’t be able to finish the race. ??? There’s no way an empty fuel tank could last me to the end …

I thought I should retire right away … But no! If I didn’t retire yesterday when it started to rain, I will also continue today until possible. I will stop by the track if I’ll have to, I don’t care. ? I reduced the speed a little, hoping I could save a few drops of fuel and prolong my race.

Result: me and Sharky made it ??? Sharky started to cough after the checkered flag was out, on exit lap right after the acceleration for the last straight and right before the pit-line. I shot down the engine and “sailed” through the pit-line. I pushed Sharky for the last 150m to our camp. Thank you Sharky!!!! ❤️ This Speedladies Cup SSP win is yours! ?

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