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Rain race on Grobnik – first one after that crash in rain

Well, it rained again. Morning rounds were dry and we had some great time, but when the time for race arrived, the weather realized it’s evil plans again. ??#soevil

I wanted to not go to the race. Because… The last time I was riding in rain, I crashed and regarding that I am not doing everything right, right? ? But… Considering the weather luck this year, the rain will happen again so it would be best to get rid of fear of riding in wet conditions as soon as possible. Let’s go to race than…

Before I changed the tyres in went to race I had to renew my rain riding knowledge… So I went ahead and bugged some of my friends to help me with that. Considering they are on the podium all the time, they must know how to race in rain. Thank you, Miha, Matjaža, Tomči in Gašper for rain lectures!!! ❤️❤️❤️

I would rather not talk about the results…… ☺️ But I am super proud that I went to the race in finished the race in worse weather conditions than the last time I crashed. I survived! And I am even happier that the rained doesn’t concern me that much for the future. I will learn that too! I’ll have to sooner or later, right? ?

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