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Power Commander issues on Slovakia Ring

You know the feeling when you twist the throttle to its max, shift a gear and get ready to hold the bike so it won’t go off its course at almost 200 km/h turning slightly left towards start-finish straight? ? Amazing right? Now imagine that instead of going crazy and slightly lifting front tyre because of all the power, it goes just BOOOoooo…. and the engine light lights up. Hey…?!#” WTF? ??? After the initial shock, you put your hand up move to the side and look for proper place to safely stop. Once stopped you stretch your middle fingers (both of them, of course) towards the bike and in the same time thank all the gods of this world that you could safely stop and no one hit you. Friendly track workers came to pick me and Sharky up and give us a lift to the paddock. I must say it was a nice ride… Cushioned seat, wind in the hair and you have time to look around how the tracks look like from behind the fence. In the middle of it is a lake, you know? I hope frogs won’t came out of it and jump all over the track, that could be slippery… ?

What was wrong? It is not yet determined but I really don’t like the prediction which says that Power Commander might have broke down. ? I hope not… The plan now is of course to fix Sharky and rock’n’roll the next track day which will be 1st & 2nd June on Pannonia Ring and Grobnik right after that. Wish me luck… ???

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