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Pannonia Ring & Grobnik – all in one week

Pannonia Ring – Saturday & Sunday

Saturday and Sunday were reserved for Pannonia Ring. It was an amazing weekend, though I was feeling tired from the beginning. Regardless I managed to beat my time by 6s.

Before entering the track, I thought I had it figured out, since I was there quite a few times by now, but as it turned out it had some new lessons for me. ? I guess it’s quite different every time you go on same track, specially if you make a big difference in lap times. This was the first time ever I had to be really careful that rpm of my Sharky didn’t drop too low leading to bad accelerations and losing seconds. That surprised me. Regarding this, I have a few key points to follow and to try the next time I go on any track, specially Pannonia Ring. Next one for me is Grobnik tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!

Grobnik – Friday

I owe you a report from friday’s Grobnik. I won! I almost missed the trophy ceremony thou. ? Damn… Since it was so fucking hot, I was looking forward to champagne spraying, but unfortunately we didn’t get the champagne to spray around. ?Instead of it a guy was spraying the winners with water… Recession kicked in I guess… ? And I really have to practice race starts. I completely blew this one up. ?

This race wasn’t so difficult regarding competing with other racer girls but it was challenging because of the high temperatures. As you probably know, Grobnik’s asphalt wasn’t relpaced and the texture of the old one is really rough, heating the tires even more. In combination with 33°C air temperature and a tire that is in its last laps the full throttle presented a challenge. ? I had quite a few funny moments with rear tire so I had to be careful, but I can say it was a great experience which will help me in the future.

And for the end I have to say I missed my competitor Vania. Our last race was really intense and I enjoyed every lap of it. ?

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