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National championship – first race

So … First race of the national championship is behind us. Yes, I said national championship. ? It is again organised after a long time. And of course, Nina has to try this thing out despite not having any real chances for a good result (meaning podium). ?? Boys are really fast compared to me. Well … I could choose “women’s sport”, right? Not a chance … ? Racing is much more fun!

In the first race yesterday I was fifth. Not bad, but also not particularly good. And by that I have in mind the race and not the results. Because I had to make the most of it on Wednesday and Tuesday I have made 350km riding around in circles. Therefore there wasn’t much left to give when it came to participating in the race. ? I was tired, of course … but despite that, very pleased with my result and proud of the fact that I was the only girl to compete in the national championship. ?

It is slightly annoying having the race for the national championship at the same time as the race for amateur cup. If you want to catch someone in the national championship, you first have to overtake a few other people from the amateur championship. ? When or if that happens, the race will probably be finished by then. Which means that all the races will probably be decided in the qualifying rounds. ? I know … I will have to open the throttle a little harder in qualifying rounds and in the race. ??? A lot harder than ever before in fact, boys are really fast. ?

Photo by: Sofrić Studio

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