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Long expected start of the 2020 season on Pannonia Ring

They were forecasting sun and than rain for the Sunday or at least the possibility of it. Which means that if the track gets slightly wet there’s now way to decide which tyres to put on the bike. But if it will be dry, I’ll ride as much as possible and I will probably run out of slick tyres. Because girls love to be certain and well prepared, I took with me rain tyres and 2 used slicks and in case it will not rain, one completely new slick tyre. Luckily it didn’t rain. Well … It started when we parked our bikes just after the race. ? Great! I did 6 full rounds on Saturday and 5 on Sunday, total 75 laps or 355km. I didn’t even completely destroyed those used slicks. I will have to open the throttle harder … But if you are slightly slower you can save some tyres and petrol. ?

So I don’t bore you too much with the weather and tyres, let me just say it was amazing. Despite the longest winter break ever, my feelings on the bike are like I the winter break never happened. And considering how clumsy I am on Pannonia Ring, I am very happy with this track day. ? Seriously … Pannonia Ring really isn’t my cup of tea. I am like an elephant in the porcelain store there. ? I blame Grobnik for it. I spent too much of my early racing career there. ?

First and second round were reserved for snail like speeds. I had to warm up Sharky and break in the engine. And me? I had to figure out how Sharky even works after the winter update. I can happily say that everything works better than expected. ? Compared to other R6 bikes Sharky is usually faster. ?

Of course the weekend usually isn’t complete without some technical difficulties that prevent me from riding as fast as possible. Among all the thing that could have break after an update Sharky had during the winter the on/ff switch fell apart. ? WTF?

Girls and boys, thank you for the company, motivation and all the jokes. First track days in season are usually a bit shaky when it comes to me. ? It was so much easier with all of you. You are awesome!

What’s next? Grobnik on Friday – 3 days. And another Grobnik on 24th and 25th June.

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