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Last race of the 2018 season

Here it is – the last racing weekend of the season. Because of the rainy Saturday night / morning Grobnik was all wet when the first rounds starts. ?️ I didn’t like it. Not that I don’t like to race in wet conditions but I was really looking forward to give it my and Sharky’s max one last time this year. ? So I changed the tires again. But only for 1 round. Yes, when girl decides to race, she will not wait for anybody / nothing! I am that stubborn. ???

I wasn’t participated in all the Lady cup races this year which resulted in loss of the 2017 crown. ? It all came down to the last race yesterday, where my Sharky just couldn’t develop enough power to compete with R1M. I finished second place. Shit happens… ? Congratulations to the new Queen of Grobnik! ?

Bottom line – it was amazing to complete the season on track you know. ? Usually Grobnik track days end when the races are finished but this time I wasn’t feeling like going home. I knew it was the last time this year, so I raced until it became dark. Probably that’s why I am all exhausted today… I can hardly even stand. But… The weather and company were amazing yesterday! ?Congratulations to all my team mates for amazing overall classification in championships you competed in. ????✨

Thank you all for the amazing season and see you next year!

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