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Last piece of the puzzle after Brno crash

So… I have been promising this for a while now, so it’s about time for me to get down to business. ?

Last month Sharky got the last piece of a puzzle, that was missing so I couldn’t say, it has completely recovered after crash in Brno. It got an exhaust 2.0. Yes, of course Slovenian product – full Akrapovic Exhaust System ? The part of the package was Dynojet Research Inc. Power Commander and I also decided that it should have the Autotune with it. I also replaced the front sprocket.

And the performance after update? —-> ?????

Every part of this update contributed to the whole story. Bike is fierce now and I no longer have to yell on corner exits “Go already, we’re not gardening here!!” ??
If it weren’t for Brno these updates probably wouldn’t happen. This year definitely not. My general opinion is that the bike is powerful enough as it is. First the rider has to measure up to it. And when you are fast enough, it’s time to pimp your ride. But… This plan didn’t work this time. ?

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