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Lady cup race and a crash of a fellow rider

I can say that the weather was making fun out of us on Sunday. ☔ It started to rain 4 times and after it stoped, the sun dried the track in about 30 minutes. Therefore the races were delayed and scattered across entire day. BOBO RACING was making sure, all of us have dry track, and I think many of us, specially rookies, were thankful. ?

This time was the first time to go on track day in this conditions. So far I was really lucky to have a sunny weather all the time. So… no experiences in the rain and mixed fillings about the tires. And the most important as I mentioned in my previous posts, the Sharky got an update and become more brutal (I will present the details later this week). ??

The first laps were very shaky, I didn’t trust the tires and I didn’t know how Sharky will behave. Lol, I am so embarrassed about this laps ? But… The race followed. This one was special in so many ways and I can’t say it will stay in a good memory.

First things first – because of the heavy rain, I had to miss the last session before the race on which I was counting to set a good time. Damn! Therefore I started way behind. Ok – never mind, I can make it up for it, I though. On the start I almost did, but Vania ran away from me in the next corner. As I was struggling to catch her and coming closer to her in the first laps I saw a bike flying through the air… Damn… Was that her? Oh, now… It looked terrifying. The next lap red flags started to wave and when I passed the point where she crashed, I saw she was still lying on the grass and the ambulance just arrived to her. It looked really serious and I really hope, she will recover soon and come back on track as soon as possible. ?

To be honest, if we had the chance to finish the race, she would probably have won or it would be a tough fight. So this win comes with mixed fillings a bit of bitterness.
After the races I didn’t finish the day, but went on a few more sessions. All though the weather and race didn’t leave a good impression on me, I really enjoyed the last rounds and I fell in love with my Sharky all over again. Now I can say, it’s perfect! ? But more about this later…

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