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Lady cup – last race of the 2017

It should have rain on Sunday. But it didn’t!!! ? The last track day this year was great – not too cold, not too warm and full of surprises.

I WON THE RACE!!! ? I managed to start quite decently. I even gained some places. That never happened so far. ? I managed to catch my competitor from Lady’s cup who started a few places before me. By the end of the first lap I caught and overtook her. And then… Thinking she’s up my tail I rode like my ass was on fire. But as it turned out by the end of the race – she wasn’t behind me at all… I guess the pain was too much to bare (she crashed last time and severely injured her hand). I am amazed that she even participated in the race. I know I most definitely wouldn’t with an injury like that. ?

So the day ended with a victory. ? I have to thank my team for all the support and motivation. Special congrats to Matjaž Doles who became the King of Grobnik and SLOVENIA SPEED CUP champion. Next year I’ll ride behind you, so I’ll be second ?

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