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I crashed again, this time on Slovakia Ring

I crashed…. Again… There is some sorrow but everything was pretty mush accompanied by anger. How come that it happened again? ? I had good tyres at their 1/3 lifespan. 14 days ago I had worse and I was faster. 2s faster per lap. I am not among first 10 or even 20 racers so there are guys and girls who are faster on that unfortunate 9th corner on Slovakia Ring. Where’s the reason for this?

After some asking around in the pits and talking to people who saw the crash I can only conclude that it must have been some sort of unfortunate coincidences in place that swept me off my wheels… ? A bit too opened line, a bit late entry to the corner, a contact point of the two asphalt surfaces, maybe some filth. An it was hot. But no hotter that 14 days ago. However…. I don’t know what to think and I do not have a conclusion what is the thing I have to be careful about the next time. Except that from now on I strictly ride through the inner line. In the end of the day I went and took a look at the unfortunate corner. It’s full of scratches that are a result of crashes. I couldn’t even find my scratch. But interesting, all the lines are on the outer part of the track. It doesn’t seem that anyone crashed from the inner line. ?

Despite ugly fall at high speed I am OK. Well.. sort of. After 4 day the pain in my ribs persists and with it also a bruise on my hip. ? Fingers that hurt me right after the crash are completely pain free now.

Sharky is already at the mechanic. The list of broken parts is not yet completed but the finding and buying them in in full run. I can’t wait to get Sharky home and get him back to his war colors.

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words of support and help that you gave me after my crash. I am glad that I had a team like you by my side. ? Also thank you, guys, who offered me your bikes so I could continue with the practices when you saw that what hurts me the most is the fact that the track day is finished for me and I cannot ride and train any more. ❤️

And a really big thank you goes to the track day organizer 2’n Race for the gift, which they gave me after my crash. ? I hope we meet again soon.

See you! Next is Brno for me, 22th and 23th of July, if everything goes by the plan. ?

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