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First track day of the 2019 and also first crash this season

Yesterday things didn’t go exactly as planned. ? For a crash, it it has to happen, this was one of the mild ones. Not very damaged bike and no serious injuries for me. For this my guardian angel deserves a big fat thank you? After the crash I could just clean Sharky and made a few adjustments and could continue with the practices. I’ll tell more about the crash in the next few days, right now I have to think about the whole thing, organise a repair and get new gear. ? My helmet got a nasty blow and I have to get my leather suit fixed. And that’s only a beginning.⁣ I will probably have to organise a found raising campaign since despite everything this won’t be cheap. ???

Damn…. Season just started… But than again… I crashed now, so I filled my quota for the couple of years, right? ? ✊

After a few days I took Sharky to the mechanic. Looking at it I am really happy to see that it’s not so badly damaged. It could be sooo much worse. After the crash I could just clean it and continue with the practice, but a few things have to be replaced regardless. I was so lucky. My guardian angel deserves a beer or two (or even more). But not on a race day.

Here’s a damage report:

  • the right crash pad and case saver are destroyed but they did save the engine and fairings which is awesome
  • Akrapovic Exhaust System got a nasty blow (damn, this one is the second one I crashed… next time I’ll have to crash on the other side ?), but with a little love, it will make more noise in no time
  • helmet: I need a new one. Does anyone have any recommendation?
  • gloves: they could still be used, but I could also use new ones.
  • suit: it’s scratched all over. Does anyone know someone who could give it a little love and fix those scratches?
  • et moi? I am OK; my neck hurts for a few days not, but not enough to visit the doctor or even take pills. But I became cranky. Very much. I’d like to go back racing; to improve my riding skills, technique, body position and overall everything…

If my I manage to get enough work done I may have some time to make a video… But… Work is more important right now ? I have to make money to pay for those broken parts.

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