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First rain race in my life

When I arrived to Grobnik it rained a little but temperatures and a look in the sky let you know that slicks will not be an option today. Most other racers, who were here since Friday, were fully aware of this fact. Many of them were headed home. There were only 50 or a little less who were brave and stubborn enough or stupid enough to begin the practice rounds at 9 o’clock. You can call us whatever you want. ?

After two round I felt brave enough to enrol in the race. After that it was time to set the qualifying time. But…. The qualification already ended before that. When? Only god and organiser know that. Because of the rain, the schedule were completely changed and the only thing we knew was, that at 12 o’clock the first race will start and after that the second. My qualifying time threw me again into the Rookie race. Grrrr!!!! I hope this was really the last Rookie race for me. I was to start from 9th place. My best time, set in the last round which didn’t count for the race, was 1,5s faster than the one from the 1st in the Rookie race. It would solidly put me to the “big boys” race if it counted. I tried to convince the organizer to put me in the other race, but they didn’t. They said I should be satisfied there, since I will be first. Hmm… I don’t want to be first in the Rookie race, I want to race in the real race, catch the fastest riders and practice start. It is better to be the worst among the best than the other way around!

Rookie races have flying starts. Which can be… Hmm… Weird. When safety car leaves the track, you have to ride slowly until the start-finishing line and then accelerate. In real world the first racers start to accelerate as soon as the car leaves the track. If your further back your only chance is to follow the guy’s ass before you and accelerate as soon as he does. Even if that is way before start-finishing line.

After the first lap I managed to gain a few places and in the second a few more. After that I was stubbornly coming closer to the first two riders who were a few 10m in front of the other riders. Until the 4th lap I caught them and started with overtaking. I overtook the 2nd one and then we caught our tail – the slowest riders. You never know what line the beginner will take, so therefore I was overtaking them cautiously which costed me the second place. In the second part of the last lap I caught the leading riders. In the last turn I overtook the 2nd rider and came after the 1st. If the track was 2m longer I would have won, which would be really awkward for the winner who was with his hand up high celebrating his victory at the start-finishing line.

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