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First rain race in my life – part 2

This is sort of part 2 of Monday’s post – a little something about racing in the rain for the first time: ?

I was hoping until the end that the track will be dry. Even when there was no chance for it. ?️ The day before I unwillingly changed the tires but only because it is easier to change slicks to rain tires in dry weather than changing slicks to rain tires when it’s raining and you are already wet as a stray dog.

It was raining on Grobnik circuit. And no, I wasn’t happy about it. Not even a little. ? Since I wasn’t on a racetrack for more than a month, my list, what to improve to get at least a second down this season, got longer and longer. And than they forecast the rain. 80-95% probability for it. Grrrr!!!! Apart from a few laps on Slovakia Ring in June I have never ridden in rain before. To be frank I really don’t need to learn that in the end of the season and risk a crash before the most important race of this season next weekend. Fine, let’s put the rain tires and whatever will be, will be. ?

First rounds were very…. Hmm… Foot pegs were slippery, I didn’t know whether to lean the bike or rather not lean it too much. Where should I break? How much should I break? The only solid data was, that I should release the break once I begin leaning the bike. Aaaaa…. It was like I was the first time on the bike and time confirmed this. ? Next round was a lot better. I slowly learned how to ride when everything you touch might slip. Even sticking the knee by the tank was a bit suspicious. But praise goes to the Yamaha tank designer which sticks out exactly enough and in the right place, so you can stick your knee to it when your bike is in a full lean.

But! I have to say it was amazing. ?❤️ After just two rounds I already forgot about typical fears like “It’s raining, the traction is bad.” or “Will the tire hold up or is it too wet / too dry?” Sharky behaved very nicely. It didn’t slide or bend or did anything shady like it sometimes does. So… I can twist the throttle a bit more and break a little later, right? ? The final result: 8s slower than on the dry track. Considering faster racers and their times in wet conditions – not bad … But the biggest victory apart from mentioned 2nd place was definitely the defeated fear and uncertainty of racing in the rain. ?

When will rain again? ?

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