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Broken foot-peg before the day even began – Grobnik

It all started very anxious. ? On the way to Grobnik, still close to home a foot peg broke off. I have my bike strapped by the foot pegs and I guess the combination of force of the Slovenian roads was too much for the right one. ? I thought I will have to skip this track day. I called around an woke up a few people, it was 6 in the morning. ….sorry!! Luckily one of my track day buddies had spare R1 foot pegs to lend. Thank you, Andrej Žitko!!! ? We went to pick it up and head to Grobnik.

When I arrived to Grobnik the first round was already over. Thanks to my friends we replaced the foot peg and I was able to catch the second round.

In the end of the day there was a race. Finally they kicked me out from the Rookie races ? I was sooo proud. Specially on the fact that I was starting from 13th place with “the big boys”, not from the end. ? Due to a crash in the Rookie race, our start was delayed. When the pit line opened for us, I went on a track. In that lap Sharky decided, that it lacks some “cholesterol” and turned the red oil light on… Why??? ? You had enough two round ago… The sensor might be faulty but I didn’t want to risk an engine for a race. I had to come down to poor some oil in and went back. ? I was a bit too late for the start. I had to wait that everybody started. I stared from the paddock. The last… Oh well… What can you do… But it was amazing to chase them. I didn’t finish last ?

I’d like to thank everyone who in any way helped me today so I could even ride. Also, thank 2’n Race for organizing such a great track day! ❤️

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