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Back to Grobnik after a short break in the middle of the season

On Friday and Saturday me and Sharky went to Grobnik. ? He couldn’t stay home anymore and also couldn’t I. One month break in the middle of the season isn’t cool. ? And when the opportunity presented itself, I had to go.

Despite our team not being complete because of the technical problems and injuries, we had an amazing time. ? Thank you boys and girls for all the help and assistance. Racing unfortunately isn’t one-woman sport. ?

Finally I was able to ride on Grobnik without any annoying distractions such as weather or too many people on track. Well, it had to rain a little … Those plants that grow between the track and curbs won’t water themselves. ?

A few congratulations for the end:
Gašper Doles, congrats for an excellent 2nd place on SSC1000 ? Matjaž, good luck on your race! ? Igor Drčar, bravo, it was a good one! ? Žiga Pintarič, good job today, next time, bring more tyres with you.

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