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Some motocross / enduro after a long time

This video was shot with my other love Husqvarna TE310. Every year I register it, ride for a few hours, sometimes not even enough to replace the oil and filter, I remove the battery and cover the bike until next time. In this way it waits for the next ride, which is lately only on my home mx track.

This weekend I was again on Ribnik after 3 years. Considering my not so regular visitations of the dirk bike tracks I would say it went very well. With the exception of 3 crashes. First Husky threw me of its back right away in the morning. Wet grass… Such a beginner mistake. The second time the turn was really tight and with a lot of sand. And the third time a big rock crossed my path. Ok…. The next time will be better I guess. And faster. And perhaps with less crashes, at least those beginner type ones.

Interesting, usually the dirt bike helps you make a progress on a race bike but in my case it is the other way around. I think I even rode better than the last time, 3 years ago.

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