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Motocross course on Rab with Miha Špindler

Me and Ines Pezić sent the snow to hell. This white curse every year ends our motorcycle season, so we protestingly went to Rab. With our bikes of course and under professional supervision of Miha Špindler.

Nina wouldn’t be Nina, if she didn’t make sure she will enjoy her time on the bike. Therefore I took with me both dirt bikes – Honda & Husqvarna. ? ? ? Why? Because if you go somewhere, you usually don’t take with you just one pair of shoes, right? And if I am being honest … Husky was kind of lonely in the past year. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time for it and it is too high for me. But I did ride quite a lot with Honda this year. I knew that Husky will be amazing on that Rab sand beach track, because I was there with it a few years back. But I decided to start with a little easier-to-handle bike – Honda. On second and third day I switched back to Husky. ❤

I won’t emphasise how awesome it was. We had an amazing time. But I can quickly go through statistics … Both, me and Ines, have quite a few new bruises, our bones are OK, but today the muscles became sore. Racetracks are a lot easier to handle regarding physical form. Bikes are OK, but of course some things got broken. 😀 Also washing machine and pressure washer are pretty mad at me today.

Boys and girls, thank you for all the pictures and above all for excellent weekend! ❤

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