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Sticker: I bought Ninch339 10/20/30 liters of fuel

13.00 39.00 


Sharky sometimes consumes a bit more fuel that I would have expected, therefore we have to wait on the side of the track for a towing truck. You could say that Sharky has a drinking problem. What can you do… What is this sticker all about? With this sticker you can buy me a few liters of fuel, so I won’t run out of it so often.

This sticker is one of those items that help me continue my racing path. By purchasing it, you buy me a few liters of fuel and get a sticker with which you can brag about. The price of the sticker therefore includes the amount of fuel you want to buy me. Thank you very very vey much for your contribution!

A few details about the sticker: it is made from quality foil and durable print. You can put it on the fridge, on the window, on your car or bike. When you get tired of it, it will not cause you any issues removing it.

Sticker dimensions: 12cm x 6cm

Želim ti kupiti:

10 litrov, 20 litrov, 30 litrov


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