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Very serious drift training in Krško, with a lot of progress and hedgehog-like tire

Some time ago I destroyed my first pair of rear tyres in a way the rear tyres are supposed to be destroyed – until the spikes come out. ? It would be even better if they blew up, but in this way the car might get damaged and its owner wouldn’t be too pleased about it. ? I would probably never be able to borrow this particular car ever again. Also, our friend Žan, who is usually changing our tyres, wouldn’t be happy. He would send me to the vulcanizer … ?

Žan is the letter Ž in the GMŽ Drift Team. He brought his new, anxiously awaited Croco to the test. ? Croco is BMW E30 with Toyota’s JZ engine. It passed the test perfectly. Boys really did a great job putting it together. Not it needs just a few more finishing touches and it will be good to go. ???

Strategy for the training was the same as always – go to the track as soon as possible and not coming off until something breaks or they throw you off it. ? Because of this, the photos are quite dark … It was dusk already when we finished drifting and took a few minutes to take some pictures. ?

I did OK on several occasions. ? You know, when it comes to rookie drifters, we tent to do the first corner perfectly, also the second one, but the third usually throws us out of our way so we spin out like an idiot. ??? But! I am not that kind of rookie anymore. That didn’t happen very often.

Miha and Žan thank you for the lessons! ?

All of you that are anxious about what will happen to Sharky considering my drift excursions: don’t worry, I will get back to him as soon as possible. The winter is coming anyway, so it’s time for some other hobbies such as drift. ?

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