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Panigale 959 tryout

This one is from 2016. From before the R6 and my track day obsession. I rented Panigale to try it out. I had no experiences with super sport bike before this. I had no bad intentions, just a chill ride, so I can see if this type of bike is for me. First “steps” were crazy – I couldn’t reach the floor. I loved the bike anyway (#crazyandiknowit).

Funny story: when I was riding on a really narrow road I caught a guy on a bike. He was “minding his own business” and fixing his gloves. In the middle of the street. Just after a blind corner. And before another one. ? Of course I was on the horn, thinking: “Man, move! I have 157 hp under my ass and don’t know how to control them with you in the middle of the street!” I overtook him. Road was really slow, downhill with short corners and overall really not suitable for “the knee-down party”. So… He almost caught me. On a bike. Road bike. With pedals, not engine. ??? A little embarrassing, I know, but… That’s what happens to complete rookies. ??

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