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New bike … New bike! Beta 300RR

I know I didn’t write in a long time. Sorry. ? I had million things to handle, not many of them really exciting. ? Well, now the time has come to explain the story with my new beastie. The No. 3.

Honda 150RR left just before the quarantine. Yes, I was sorry to see her go, but she didn’t really serve her purpose and didn’t really do what I expected her to do. Instead riding with her on terrains and learn those beginner things, I rather rode with Husky. Even thou on Husky the ground was very far away from my feet. ?

One day Husky had some issues and I didn’t feel safe riding it because something just wasn’t right with him. My dear was very sweet and lent me his Beta for that day. ? And then I borrowed it for the next ride too. And the next one … and the next one … And because Beta was slightly smaller regarding seat height and with better geometry she was easier to handle for someone like me – a rookie. ☺️ Once I even catapulted her making her do a backflip after which she landed on her seat … I just stood there, frozen and completely out of words: “WTF just happened?!”

My dear wasn’t mad at me … Well … I expected a batch of curse words and insults which, frankly, I deserved. ? But no, he even fixed Beta on his own expense. ??

During the course of the winter I fell in love with Beta and started to look for the same one for myself. ? But my dear decided to sell it to me and buy something else for himself. Excellent! Perfect! Fantastic! Now Beta is mine ?

Below check a few photos from my soft enduro ride in the beginning of the week. I wasn’t particularly productive with taking photos, but when I ride, I rather ride that take pictures. ? I think I need a professional photograph to follow me around so I will have more pictures to post on Facebook after my rides … ?

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