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Back to Brno, after 2 years and first time after that crash

I finally found the time to write this race report… I was in Brno during the May holidays. What can I say? Despite being back after 2 years when I crashed there in 9th corner I would say it went better than expected. I booked this track day with the thought: “I can’t avoid Brno forever” and kind of delaying my next visit. But I don’t know what gotten into me about a week before when I stared to feel excited and couldn’t wait to go there and finish those unfinished businesses. ✊

I must say that I fell in line with the track! I guess no 600 owner loves it in his first visit. ? So you have to come back and try it again to really appreciate what it has to offer. I am super happy that I could practice just about everything I know I have to improve and I wanted to do on Grobnik. So finally I got my “dry racing package”: nice weather, amazing track, opportunity to do a lot of practice and of course a good company. ?

Organisation wise… It was absolutely terrible. ?Transponders weren’t working. They lost my qualifying times and when we started the race the whole system shot down. What does that mean? Well… There are no times from the race and no one knows who won actually (at least not the 3th or 4th+). The organiser tried to find us on the paddock and we had to tell him who came after whom through the starting finishing line. Funny thing: you can only recognise the one who finished before you only by looking at their ass in leather suit. Nice, ha? ?

Me and the girls were chasing one another the whole 2 days and finish the race one after another. There should be a ladies trophy race but after the race I found out this race weren’t organised and our places were counted as a part of the “regular” race. Despite that I was 2nd in class 600. But I am disappointed that no one officially cancelled our race. ?

What’s next? Well… I can’t wait for another track day. The next is Hungaro Ring this weekend. I am not super happy about that one, because narrow circuits are not my thing. But I hope I get some new experiences from it, that will help me be faster.

I would like to thank my team. We had a lot of laugh despite one of ours crashed and it was an amazing track day despite the difficulties the organiser caused. I can’t wait to return to Brno in July, just a week before my birthday.

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